Clinical Development Physician (MD)

2024-01-08 ~ 2024-02-29

Position: Clinical Development Physician (MD)



Ÿ   Provide state-of-the-art medical knowledge input to all R&D projects (under consulting and co-development) as required.

Ÿ   Provide medical input into documentations required for regulatory submissions.

Ÿ   Provide medical interpretation of internal and external research data.

Ÿ   Provide medical leadership as a Trial Physician and Medical Monitor.

Ÿ   Provide medical advice and training to the other functional partners when necessary.

Ÿ   Contribute to evaluation of in- and out-licensing opportunities and new project ideas.

Ÿ   Contribute to the establishment and leveraging of an appropriate KOL network and interaction.

Ÿ   Compose medical documentations on pharmaceutical R&D (CDP, TPP, Clinical study synopsis, clinical study report, investigator’s brochure)

Ÿ   Develop clinical development strategy in alignment with CDP & Business plan.

Ÿ   Make timely decisions where there is no clear precedent and as a result is required to make new    approaches.

Ÿ   Compose medical report on pharmaceutical R&D consulting, advisory board meeting, etc.



·        3 years or longer in pharmaceutical, biotech and/or academia after specialty board certificate

·        Pharma R&D in discovery, regulatory and/or clinical development experience preferred.

·        Preferably, oncology experience, either in R&D or in medical/marketing in pharmaceutical industry, otherwise, in the hospital sector

·        Proficient English in written and spoken.

·        Board certified specialist PhD (optional)


Additional information:

Ÿ   직책 직급: 직책 한글 직급 협의 결정 가능

Ÿ   급여 사항: 협의 결정

Ÿ   고용 형태: 정규직/경력직


Recruitment Process:

Ÿ   전형방법: 1 서류전형/2 & 3 면접전형

Ÿ   제출 서류: 한글 이력서/자기소개서, 영문 이력서/자기소개서

Ÿ   접수 방법 문의 사항: 온라인 지원,,kr  



Ÿ   면접은 서류전형 합격자에 개별 통지합니다.

Ÿ   제출하신 서류는 일체 반환하지 않습니다

Ÿ   입사지원서 내용에 허위사실이 판명될 경우 입사가 취소될 있습니다.

Ÿ   기타 문의 사항은 반드시 E-mail 문의바랍니다.